The Future of Wifi 6 Telus, According to an Expert

The Future of Wifi 6 Telus, According to an Expert

15 Incredible Wifi 6 Telus Products You’ll Wish You Discovered Sooner

When combined with Wi-Fi Plus, a premium Wi-Fi service from TELUS that provides whole-home coverage, privileged access to professional assistance, and improved network security, the strength of the Wi-Fi 6 access point may be maximized.

The Future of Wifi 6 Telus, According to an Expert
The Future of Wifi 6 Telus, According to an Expert

British Columbia, Vancouver, March 2, 2022 GLOBEE NEWSWIRE Customers of TELUS PureFibre now have access to two top-tier Wi-Fi solutions supported by the biggest and only 100% pure fiber-to-the-home network in Western Canada. The first is our Wi-Fi 6 access point, which has tri-band technology and offers Western Canada’s fastest home Wi-Fi connections. Our tri-band technology allows the fastest Wi-Fi 6 speeds in British Columbia and Alberta, according to independent testing1.

The second is Wi-Fi Plus, the first all-encompassing personalized Wi-Fi service in Canada, which users can add to their Wi-Fi 6 connection to guarantee the most dependable, whole-home coverage2. It also comes with a specialized support team, network security, and expert installation. With our Wi-Fi 6 access point and Wi-Fi Plus, consumers can get the fastest home Wi-Fi speeds1 available, offering an unrivaled experience that is only available from TELUS.

According to Zainul Mawji, EVP and President, Home Solutions & Customer Excellence, “Our cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 access point and new Wi-Fi Plus service are changing the game for how our consumers connect.” “We all understand the aggravation ourselves and our families can have when there is a certain area of our home where the Wi-Fi connection just isn’t as strong.

I Changed My Mind About Wifi 6 Telus. Here’s Why

We’re removing that pain point by offering whole-home coverage, as well as giving gamers a more responsive gaming experience, extending the battery life of our connected devices, improving network security, and providing our customers with a dedicated help line – a first for the industry. As a result of our Wi-Fi advances, our clients will no longer have to be concerned about the dependability, safety, coverage, or speed of each connected device or their home Wi-Fi connection.

Customers can rely on Wi-Fi Plus to ensure that their Wi-Fi network will function properly in every room of their home and that they will always have access to support. When users subscribe to Wi-Fi Plus, our technicians carry out a customized installation process to determine the best number and location of access points throughout the home to ensure a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

wifi 6 telus
I Changed My Mind About Wifi 6 Telus. Here’s Why

We also wifi 6 telus provide customers with access to a dedicated team of experts who can be easily scheduled whenever it’s most convenient for them. Furthermore, Wi-Fi Plus offers network security to keep every connected device in the house safe from hackers and dangerous information.

Our Wi-Fi 6 access point was created to complement any setting, winning a Red Dot Design Award for its sophisticated aesthetics3, and providing our clients with the fastest Wi-Fi1 experience available today. This super-fast connection is supported by our PureFibre Network ®, allowing us to seamlessly boost bandwidth and capacity to provide TELUS PureFibre clients with the fastest Internet4 and Wi-Fi connections.

Wi-Fi 6 enables faster speeds for everyone at home — even when multiple devices are connected. It also lessens lag during video conferencing when working from home, provides a more responsive gaming experience for users, increases the battery life of connected devices, improves wireless network security, and extends the battery life of connected devices of wifi 6 telus.

For the second year in a row, TELUS was voted the fastest Internet service provider in Canada by New York-based PCMag5. Additionally, Steam6 acknowledged TELUS PureFibre as having the fastest game download speeds in Canada. Two leading experts in the field have also acknowledged TELUS’ superior wireless network speed, power, and dependability, with the company being named Canada’s fastest mobile provider for the ninth consecutive year by Seattle-based Ookla®7 and winning the title of fastest mobile network in the country by London-based Opensignal’s 2021 Mobile Network Experience Report (Canada)8.

All new and existing TELUS PureFibre users in British Columbia and Alberta have access to Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi Plus. You may get more information at telus/com/en/internet/wifi wifi 6 telus.

With $17 billion in annual revenue and 17 million customer connections across wireless, broadband, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video, and security, TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is a dynamic, global leader in communications technology. Our social mission is to use technology that leads the world and compassion to create social change and extraordinary human outcomes. Every part of our business is driven by our steadfast dedication to putting our clients first, which has helped us become a clear leader in customer service quality and loyalty.

The numerous, consistent honors TELUS has received from independent, leading network insight companies over the years demonstrate the power and speed of TELUS’ world-class networks and reaffirm our commitment to giving Canadians access to cutting-edge technology that connects us to the people, resources, and information that improve our lives wifi 6 telus.

Wifi 6 telus Health is a pioneer in digital health technology in Canada, expanding access to wellness services and redefining the movement of medical data wifi 6 telus along the continuum of care. Through the whole value chain of agriculture, TELUS Agriculture offers cutting-edge digital solutions that enable better food outcomes through enhanced agribusiness data insights and procedures.

TELUS International (TSX and NYSE: TIXT) is a market-leading provider of next-generation solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI) and content management, for disruptive brands operating in a variety of high-growth industries, including tech and games, communications and media, e-commerce and FinTech, healthcare, and travel and hospitality. There are more than 25 countries where TELUS and TELUS International are active.

Our highly meaningful and enduring mindset to give where we live has motivated TELUS, our team members, and retirees to donate more than $900 million and 1.8 million days of service since 2000. It is driven by our determination and ambition to connect all Canadians for good. TELUS has become the most charitable company in the world thanks to its extraordinary philanthropy and volunteerism. Let’s work together to create a friendly future wifi 6 telus.

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