How Telus Wifi Calling Not Working Saved My Marriage

How Telus Wifi Calling Not Working Saved My Marriage

The terms and conditions for Wi-Fi calling A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Telus Wifi Calling Not Working


How Telus Wifi Calling Not Working Saved My Marriage
How Telus Wifi Calling Not Working Saved My Marriage

For more information on Wi-Fi Calling, go to These Terms constitute a component of our contract with you and are a supplement to and incorporation of the Koodo standard mobility service terms located at Koodo standard mobility service terms. You consent to ensuring that these Terms are complied with by anyone using your device to make Wi-Fi calls telus wifi calling not working.

What is Wi-Fi Calling, first off telus wifi calling not working ?
With Wi-Fi Calling, you may use your smartphone to place and receive phone calls as well as send and receive text messages via a Wi-Fi connection. In most circumstances, your device will automatically default to using the mobile network when you have access to both a Wi-Fi network and one.

Do I require a certain gadget or intend to use Wi-Fi Calling?
You need a compatible Koodo device, a SIM card, and the Wi-Fi Calling function must be turned on in your device’s settings in order to utilize Wi-Fi Calling. A Koodo postpaid wireless phone, text, and data plan is also required.

Which kind of Wi-Fi connection is required for Wi-Fi Calling?
You must have access to a public or private Wi-Fi connection in order to use Wi-Fi Calling. You will utilize internet data on the Wi-Fi connection while utilizing Wi-Fi Calling. In accordance with your Koodo wireless plan or other internet service plan, internet service fees and overage costs apply. Any problems with your internet service that arise if you utilize a third-party internet service provider to access Wi-Fi Calling are your obligation to address with your internet service provider and are not Koodo’s.

How Telus Wifi Calling Not Working Saved My Marriage
How Telus Wifi Calling Not Working Saved My Marriage

What is the rating of Wi-Fi Calling when I’m in Canada?
All incoming calls and messages made using Wi-Fi Calling while in Canada, as well as all outgoing calls and messages made using Wi-Fi Calling while in Canada and sent to a Canadian number, will be deducted from the airtime and messaging allowances included in your wireless plan; no long distance charges will be applied telus wifi calling not working.

Usage that is in excess of the restrictions stated in your wireless plan is subject to the current pay-per-use prices. Unless your plan specifies a different cost, all outgoing calls and texts to non-Canadian numbers will be charged at the then-current pay-per-use rates, and long distance service will be billed in accordance with your wireless plan telus wifi calling not working.

Is Wi-Fi Calling available when I go outside of Canada?
When traveling outside of Canada, Wi-Fi Calling cannot be used.

Is Wi-Fi Calling susceptible to misuse telus wifi calling not working?
Yes. Since many Wi-Fi networks, such as public Wi-Fi networks, do not offer any level of encryption (such as WEP, WPA, or other encryption and authentication systems), it is imperative that you make sure your device is configured securely.
Wi-Fi-connected devices may be open to unauthorized attempts to access the data and software that are stored on the device.

How does Wi-Fi Calling’s 9-1-1 emergency service operate?
You recognize and agree to the information in this section on the restrictions of utilizing Wi-Fi Calling for dialing 9-1-1 before using Wi-Fi Calling.

We advise against using Wi-Fi Calling if you are uncomfortable with these restrictions, or at the very least, think about finding another way to contact traditional 9-1-1 emergency services. To maximize the reliability of your access to emergency services during any service disruption, we advise you to keep a backup phone service close at hand telus wifi calling not working.

Note that Wi-Fi Calling is ineligible for use outside of Canada for emergency calls. To be linked to the closest emergency services while making an emergency call from outside of Canada, make sure you are connected to a mobile network. You agree to make the following restrictions and requirements known to everyone who uses Wi-Fi Calling on your device telus wifi calling not working.

A) Your emergency 9-1-1 address. You will be prompted for your “9-1-1 Emergency Address” when you first enable Wi-Fi Calling on your device. This address corresponds to the location of the device’s current WiFi connection. Only one (1) 9-1-1 Emergency Address may be registered, which you should periodically change based on the location of your new Wi-Fi connection. A place in Canada should always be listed as your 9-1-1 emergency address.

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Making 9-1-1 calls (B). Your emergency call location information is not transmitted to the closest Public Safety Answering Point (“PSAP”) if you call 9-1-1 while using Wi-Fi Calling. Your call is routed to a dedicated Koodo call center, which will transfer it to the appropriate PSAP based on the location you gave the Koodo operator or the 9-1-1 Emergency Address you entered for your device.

If you are able to, you must instantly provide the Koodo operator with your location (or the location of the emergency, if different) when using Wi-Fi Calling to call 9-1-1. It’s crucial that you don’t end the call unless you’re specifically instructed to, and that you immediately call 9-1-1 again if you get disconnected.

Additionally, you should be prepared to give the 9-1-1 operator your callback number. In the event that you use Wi-Fi Calling to call 9-1-1 and the Wi-Fi connection is lost, your call to 9-1-1 will drop and the Koodo call center and/or PSAP won’t be able to reach you again. If this happens, call 9-1-1 once more telus wifi calling not working.

C) The reliability of 9-1-1 data. You agree to supply Koodo with true, accurate, current, and complete information regarding your device’s 9-1-1 emergency address and other information, and you are in charge of maintaining and updating such information based on the location of your Wi-Fi connection at the time. Wi-Fi Calling 9-1-1 calls will be routed based on your previously provided 9-1-1 Emergency Address, which may result in them being routed to the incorrect PSAP for the incident location if you do not update your 9-1-1 Emergency Address and do not accurately specify the location of the emergency.

If you have not updated your 9-1-1 Emergency Address, the dispatcher might not be able to find you if you are unable to talk. You can modify your device’s settings to change your 9-1-1 emergency address. Updates to your 9-1-1 Emergency Address might not be immediately reflected at times (e.g., during service maintenance periods) telus wifi calling not working.

D) Technical Issues and Connection Time. The 9-1-1 service won’t work if the internet access point and underlying Wi-Fi network are not configured properly, lack the bandwidth to handle a call, or if the Wi-Fi Calling feature isn’t working for any reason, including but not limited to a power outage, Wi-Fi or broadband service outage or suspension, network or internet congestion or disconnection, mobile network outage, or service disconnection due to billing problems or a violation of these Terms.

E) Wi-Fi calling while texting with 911 (“T9-1-1”). T9-1-1 is not supported by Wi-Fi Calling. You must register with Koodo as a T9-1-1 customer in order to use T9-1-1, and you must do it over a mobile network. Visit for instructions on how to utilize T9-1-1 telus wifi calling not working.

Will I always have access to Wi-Fi Calling?
Due to Wi-Fi Calling’s dependency on public or private internet, as well as mobile networks, it is offered to you on a “as is” and “as available” basis, with no assurance of continuing availability or quality of service telus wifi calling not working.

How does Koodo restrict its responsibility for Wi-Fi calling?
To the fullest extent allowed by law, Koodo is not liable to anyone for any damages, including direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, economic, exemplary or punitive damages, relating to or arising out of any inability to use Wi-Fi Calling or access 9-1-1 service as a result of the aforementioned restrictions or your failure to adhere to the aforementioned requirements telus wifi calling not working.

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