3 Telus Central Wifi Ax Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes

3 Telus Central Wifi Ax Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes

Here are Telus’s two brand-new pieces of equipment. They are currently only being placed in a few locations 10 Ways Telus Central Wifi Ax Can Suck the Life Out of You.

3 Telus Central Wifi Ax Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes
3 Telus Central Wifi Ax Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes


The TELUS Wi-Fi 6 Access Point is equipped with next-generation Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 technology, which boosts wireless network capacity, offers quicker speeds, and covers the entire home. The TELUS Wi-Fi 6 Access Point combines potent technology with a warm and accessible shape to live quietly in an open part of your house. The removable base improves its user-friendly functioning and offers a neat, uncluttered design. Users can rapidly set up, pause, and manage their Wi-Fi network with the TELUS My Wi-Fi app.

10 Ways Telus Central Wifi Ax Can Suck the Life Out of You

The TELUS Wi-Fi Jack combines an appealing, contemporary style with an optimized installation procedure for both the technician and the consumer. The TELUS Wi-Fi Jack is designed to accept a range of industry-standard keystones to meet all sorts of wiring used in homes. It is available in two configurations to satisfy either in-wall or surface wiring. The straightforward, distinctively TELUS design is simple to use and blends in with the home, allowing it to be positioned in the center for the connecting Wi-Fi device to operate at its best. The upgraded, integrated features considerably boost customer satisfaction while lowering servicing costs.

I’ve been doing some research to try to come up with a good configuration for my present apartment because the equipment my ISP placed there has been giving me some problems (TELUS Home Hub device, the “white trash can”). I’m searching for some general recommendations or advice (and have a few specific questions).

telus central wifi ax
3 Telus Central Wifi Ax Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes

A little about the setup and myself:

I like doing some research and fiddling because I’m a little bit of a tech nerd. But I’m not an expert in networking. Therefore, even while I am eager to fine-tune the configuration, I am not wanting to make changes all the time.
I do a lot of streaming for online teaching and other uses, as well as a lot of video editing (soon with a NAS in the apartment).

There are numerous iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and Apple Watch models available. I own two HomePod minis and four HomePods. There are some IoT devices and an Apple TV (lights, TV, etc.). Not a lot of devices, in the grand scheme of things. likely 20 to 30 telus central wifi ax.
My current Internet package is 1Gbps/1Gbps fibre, with 1.5 Gbps increases conceivable in the future (or higher if TELUS expands).

In my 1070 square foot apartment telus central wifi ax (with 790 sq. ft. indoor, and 280 sq. ft. outdoor on the balcony).
I now have the ISP (TELUS) equipment in a tiny cabinet in the hallway closet near the fiber drop, along with their wireless router/access point. represented on the graphic below in red.

In each room, I have electricity and ethernet drops. shown in blue in the diagram attached telus central wifi ax.
I have a power drop on the balcony outside. shown on the diagram below in green.
I often have my laptop or PC hooked directly into a power socket in my second bedroom, but I also have other WiFi gadgets there (HomePods, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, etc.). Desk is depicted on the diagram in purple.

Why You Should Be Worried About the Future of Telus Central Wifi Ax

Present-day setup problems telus central wifi ax:

The TELUS router is a bit of a black box, and I’m not able to configure it very much.
It does have an SFP port that I could probably replace for a UDM-Pro.
There is a lot of problematic behavior caused by the TELUS router when using AirPlay and HomePods together. Although I’m not sure whether it’s entirely accurate, I’ve been privately informed by some former TELUS employees that this is a recognized problem. All I know is that when I utilized an old Apple Time Capsule router/AP, I didn’t have this issue.

The balcony and, on rare instances, the furthest corners of the two bedrooms don’t receive good coverage.
Get plenty of coverage dropping in and out, especially on the sectional (pictured in purple at the bottom of the balcony)
There are numerous APs that are in direct competition due to the housing complex (mostly other TELUS-provided APs)
Currently, while seated on the couch in my living room, my M1 MacBook “sees” 23 access points telus central wifi ax.
Setup aims:

Remove all TELUS equipment from the equation (by using the fibre directly)
Obtain a solid, expert network configuration that I can manage better.
increased device transfer rates and potential NAS
Provide dependable covering up to the balcony (especially the sectional)
Be modular (so I may upgrade or enhance as necessary in the future)
I place more value on getting the right configuration than on price.

Can I remove the TELUS gear from the mix? The SFP that is currently in the TELUS Home Hub can, in my opinion, be inserted into a gadget like the UDM-Pro. I don’t currently use any DVRs, therefore I’m not concerned about IPTV problems telus central wifi ax.

What WiFi configuration is suggested for optimal coverage? one access point for UniFi 6 Lite? Two access points for UniFi 6 Lite? one access point for UniFi 6 LR?
Considering the aforementioned, where should the AP(s) be placed in the room? What is the best mounting solution for them in an apartment with drywalled walls and ceilings?

What switching and routing configuration would be ideal? My current strategy is for purchasing a UDM Pro, a Switch Flex Mini (if necessary), several PoE Injectors, and 802.3AF (to start). I’d be interested in purchasing a PoE switch in the future, but many seem to be out of stock at the moment, and I don’t require one with an extremely high port count.

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