13 Amazing Facts About Telus Boost Wifi Starter Pack

13 Amazing Facts About Telus Boost Wifi Starter Pack

Burnaby, British Columbia, April 6, 2018 — TELUS today announced the introduction of Boost Wi-Fi, a potent system that increases the range of in-home Wi-Fi signals to guarantee a robust and dependable Internet connection in any room of the house The Top 13 Traits Telus Boost Wifi Starter Pack Ceos Have in Common.

13 Amazing Facts About Telus Boost Wifi Starter Pack
13 Amazing Facts About Telus Boost Wifi Starter Pack

By eliminating How Telus Boost Wifi Starter Pack Businesses Can Survive in a Post Coronaconomy dead zones, Boost Wi-Fi guarantees that users may video chat in the basement or stream a movie in the bedroom, and that Internet of Things (IoT) devices for the smart home are always connected.

Wi-Fi signals might weaken as they move around the house due to common household items like concrete, in-wall plumbing, appliances, and mirrors. Wi-Fi signals can also lose strength the farther a device is from the Wi-Fi router. TELUS Boost Wi-Fi uses a network of “boosters”—up to five per household—to effectively relay the Wi-Fi signal and establish extra hotspots wherever a stronger signal is required to get rid of these problems.

Blair Miller, vice president of consumer products and content at TELUS, stated, “We are continually pushed to improve our customers’ online experience, and TELUS Boost Wi-Fi helps to address one of the most prevalent challenges with home Wi-Fi. Everybody can stay connected, regardless of where they are in the house, thanks to TELUS Boost Wi-Fi, which helps to ensure that streaming video and music aren’t interrupted, video conversations aren’t dropped, and more.

A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Telus Boost Wifi Starter Pack

In response to its customers’ requests for more coverage inside the home, TELUS created Boost Wi-Fi in-house. TELUS customers can rest easy knowing their network of boosters is maximizing Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home because the firm designed the system internally to ensure compatibility with existing Wi-Fi routers.

As you walk from room to room, the system’s Smart Wi-Fi technology improves device performance for a smooth experience, making sure that each device is connected to the best booster for its location The Truth About the Telus Boost Wifi Starter Pack Industry.

The TELUS My Wi-Fi app provides step-by-step setup instructions for TELUS Boost Wi-Fi. The software also makes it simple to manage and monitor the home Wi-Fi network, with the ability to halt Wi-Fi if a break from technology is required.

For a limited time, TELUS customers in British Columbia and Alberta can get the TELUS Boost Wi-Fi Starter Pack, which includes two boosters, for just $120, a savings of $240. Additionally, expansion packs are currently on sale for $120 apiece. Please visit telus.com/boostwifi for additional details.

telus boost wifi starter pack
telus boost wifi starter pack

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With $13.3 billion in annual revenue and 13 million subscriber connections, including 8.9 million wireless subscribers, 1.7 million high-speed Internet subscribers, 1.3 million residential network access lines, and 1.1 million TELUS TV subscribers, TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company. Wireless, data, Internet protocol (IP), voice, television, entertainment, and video are just a few of the communications services and products that TELUS offers. TELUS International offers business process solutions all over the world, and TELUS Canada is the country’s leading healthcare IT provider.

TELUS, our team members, and retirees have given more than $525 million to charitable and not-for-profit organizations and donated more than 8.7 million hours to local communities since 2000 in support of our concept to give where we live. TELUS’ 13 Canadian community boards and 5 international community boards, which were established in 2005 by President and CEO Darren Entwistle, have taken the lead in the company’s support of grassroots charities.

They have provided more than $67 million in support of 6,283 local charitable projects, enhancing the lives of more than 2 million children and youth each year. As the first Canadian business to receive this esteemed international accolade, TELUS was honored to be recognized the most outstanding philanthropic corporate globally for 2010 by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

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