PIA VPN App Review

The PIA VPN app is a highly customizable application. It has a no-logging policy, allows you to use several VPN protocols, and offers a kill switch. The application also has an extension for your browser. It has two customizable themes, dark and light. You can also mark certain countries as favorites, and the app will automatically connect you to the best server available.

PIA VPN has a no-logging policy

The privacy policy at PIA VPN is lengthy and full of legal jargon. It’s not a marketing document, but rather the company’s policy on how it collects and stores user information. The company does, however, keep certain information such as email address and payment information. However, they take steps to minimize the security risk of storing this data.

One major advantage of this service is that it blocks malicious domains. The VPN has a kill switch feature that automatically shuts down the connection if you visit a malicious website. It also uses an Android app that is ioXt-certified, which is an alliance of over one hundred large companies committed to making the internet a safer place.

For assistance, the PIA support website has a live chat service that is not available 24/7. Nevertheless, live support can be contacted by email if you have questions. The website also contains help guides and database. The guides explain how to use PIA and how to set it up on different devices.

For advanced users, PIA is a good choice. It offers more dedicated P2P tools than other services. Although it lags behind other providers, it still offers impressive torrenting features. It is also easy to set up and use, with desktop apps for Windows, Mac, Linux machines, and more. It also has a Chrome browser extension.

PIA VPN uses military-grade encryption and a no-logging policy. With 35,000 servers located in 84 countries, PIA also offers split tunneling capabilities and has no bandwidth limitations. It is a solid choice for users who want privacy. In addition, PIA is also one of the fastest VPNs on the market.

PIA VPN’s kill switch is one of the best in the VPN industry. It features three modes – Auto, Always, and Split Tunneling. The first two modes enable you to choose which apps will use the VPN and which apps will not. This allows you to access anonymous websites and apps without logging data.

PIA also supports multiple simultaneous connections and supports all popular operating systems. The VPN clients are available with detailed changelogs and can be downloaded whenever you need an older version. Additionally, you can use OpenVPN configuration files with other VPN clients.

It offers multiple VPN protocols

Unlike other VPN apps, PIA uses the latest security protocols. It uses OpenVPN and WireGuard to protect your data. It also comes with DNS leak protection and a kill switch. Furthermore, it blocks malware, trackers, and ads. It can also block websites’ referrers.

The PIA VPN app has a user-friendly interface. It lets you see connection options, settings, and usage. In addition, you can drag the app to the main screen to easily view its options. Since the app is tied to the tray, you’re likely to close it more often than open it. However, you can undock the app in the settings menu.

The PIA VPN app supports ten simultaneous VPN connections, which is more than most other VPN providers. Moreover, it also has a Kill Switch feature to protect your data if the VPN service is interrupted. PIA’s Kill Switch feature is always available, which makes it a good choice for people who prefer to be safe and secure while using the internet.

Private Internet Access (PIA) uses a protocol called Private Internet Access (PIA). This protocol encrypts your IP address and replaces it with its own. This is a good trick for privacy, since it prevents hackers and internet service providers from knowing what you’re doing. It also prevents ISPs from tracking your activity.

PIA’s network has servers in 84 countries. The majority of its servers are in the United States, but PIA also has servers in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The company also has servers in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand, and China. Its network also has servers in the UAE and Egypt.

The PIA VPN app comes with detailed encryption controls. This will allow you to optimize your performance and customize your VPN to suit your security needs. You can even step up encryption level to AES-256. Also, you can choose between different encryption levels for the VPN handshake and data authentication. These settings allow your device to be sure of your connection.

PIA’s privacy policy is comprehensive. It’s not a marketing document, but it does explain what information the company collects and how it uses it. PIA keeps your email and payment information on file, but they also take steps to mitigate the security risks associated with storing user data.

It has a kill switch

The kill switch on a VPN application allows users to disable the connection in case of a network error, such as a drop in connection. It works by monitoring network activity and cuts off your internet connection whenever it detects any change. Usually, a VPN app will have this feature enabled by default. The kill switch option is available under the Advanced Settings menu.

Unlike a system level kill switch, the kill switch on an internet-based VPN application blocks all internet access after a certain period of inactivity. This prevents IP leaks and snooping. This is a useful feature for users concerned about security. However, kill switch functionality can vary from platform to platform, so it is important to check the settings to make sure your VPN is equipped with one.

PIA VPN apps use the latest security protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard. Moreover, these apps include kill switch functionality and DNS leak protection. They also block malware, ads, and trackers. Furthermore, you can block your location and disable autofill options when shopping online. This helps you avoid accidental purchases and prevents credit card theft.

The PIA VPN application has a user-friendly desktop interface that is easy to navigate. Its main window shows connection details and has a Settings window for personalization. This window also lets you customize the app’s appearance. You can even choose the encryption type to make your connection more secure.

A VPN kill switch is a security feature that ensures your information remains private. It prevents your ISP from viewing your browsing history if you accidentally switch to a public network. This is especially helpful if you are using a public network to access websites or download videos.

PIA VPN also has a kill switch, which helps protect your privacy and security when a VPN connection goes down. If you are concerned about your data being intercepted, you can also disable this option by turning off the VPN.

It has a browser extension

The Pia VPN app comes with a browser extension, which makes it easy for you to protect your browsing activity from prying eyes. The browser extension has handy features such as blocking access to your microphone, camera, and location. Additionally, it lets you disable automatic credit card and address fill, so you won’t accidentally make purchases that could result in identity theft.

This browser extension works on most popular platforms, including Mac and Windows. PIA also offers a desktop app, which is lightweight and packed with extra features. The desktop app is easy to use, and doesn’t have an uncomfortable interface. It also supports Siri shortcuts and allows you to exclude certain websites from being blocked.

PIA VPN supports military-grade encryption and a kill switch to protect your online activity. Its default encryption is AES-128, but users can also manually bump it up to AES-256 for maximum security. It also uses its own DNS servers, which reduces the risk of DNS data leaks. You can change the DNS server settings at any time to protect your browsing activity.

PIA also offers a port forwarding option, which lets specific applications communicate through dedicated ports. Using port forwarding can improve your download speeds, but beware of security risks. The browser extension also supports torrenting. The browser extension for PIA allows you to access P2P websites, including Netflix, as well as many other websites that are blocked in some regions.

PIA VPN is available for both Windows and macOS. The Windows application has an easy-to-navigate interface and a settings dialog. Its main window contains the VPN connection details, which can include the connection speed graph and data sent. Additionally, it has a customizable interface that lets you customize the app’s appearance.

Another great feature of the app is that it offers split tunneling, which allows you to use the VPN only when you need to. This feature increases your speed and saves data, and is very rare for VPNs on the iPhone.

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