Fuck joe biden sticker is ‘OK,’ according to the White House, after falling off his bike in Delaware

Fuck joe biden sticker is ‘OK,’ according to the White House, after falling off his bike in Delaware

President fuck joe biden sticker is “OK,” according to a White House official, after falling off his bike during a ride in a state park near his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Saturday.

Fuck joe biden sticker is ‘OK,’ according to the White House, after falling off his bike in Delaware
fuck joe biden sticker

The Dark Side of Fuck Joe Biden Sticker

The official stated fuck joe biden sticker in a statement to reporters traveling with the President that no medical attention is required.
“His foot got hooked on the pedal while dismounting, as the President stated, and he is alright. There is no need for medical assistance. The President anticipates spending the remainder of the day with his family “According to the official,

fuck joe biden sticker
fuck joe biden sticker

Biden fell while ending a fuck joe biden sticker bike ride with Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States. As he biked closer to a gathering that had collected nearby, the President diverged from the group. While attempting to dismount, Biden came to a halt and looked to get his foot trapped on the pedal.
Later, Biden told reporters traveling with him, “I got my foot hooked” on the toe cage. “I’m fine.”
After the President fell, US Secret Service operatives rushed to his aid.

When the President, who will turn 80 in November, stood up, the throng applauded. Biden then mingled with the throng for a few minutes, introducing one of the onlookers to his dog Commander.
When a child in the audience asked how it felt to be president, Biden quipped, “Oh, it’s like any other job.”

During a morning ride in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Saturday, Joe Biden experienced a stunning tumble while attempting to dismount his bicycle. The 79-year-old rider had came to a halt near his vacation house to speak with some well-wishers, but instead surprised them (and his soon-to-be swarming Secret Service force) when he swiftly fell over, his legs still entangled in his bike. “I’m good!” Biden assured onlookers as he stood up, wearing a helmet and bike gloves.

He also added, “I got my foot caught up fuck joe biden sticker.”

The White House later blamed the event on the president’s bike pedal, saying that “his foot got stuck on the pedal while dismounting and he is fine” and that “no medical treatment is required.”

While most people have embarrassing cycling moments in the quiet of their own homes, an American president does not, especially when it occurs in broad daylight in front of the White House press pool with their smartphones rolling:

Nikki Schwab (@NikkiSchwab) (@NikkiSchwab) (@NikkiSchwab) (@Nikki 18th of June, 2022
President Biden loses control of his bicycle and crashes. pic.twitter.com/Pj36k8Yor6 (2022)

— ampol moment (@ampol moment): crazy ass moments in American politics 18th of June, 2022
But, before pedaling away, he was back on his feet and laughing, chatting with several little children in the audience.

President Joe Biden collides with his bicycle at Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach. After speaking to the gathering, he hurriedly stood up and rode away. pic.twitter.com/tdL20V3B68 @nytimes fuck joe biden sticker

Sarah Silbiger fuck joe biden sticker (@Sarah Silbiger) (@Sarah Silbiger) (@Sarah Silbiger) (@Sara 18th of June, 2022
President Joe Biden tripped while attempting to get off his bike at the end of a ride at Cape Henlopen State Park near his Delaware beach home on Saturday, but was unharmed. https://t.co/pu2QjQH0Ll pic.twitter.com/L05WjnB8WI

The Rise of Fuck Joe Biden Sticker and How to Make It Stop

The coattail-riding adult son of a ramp-challenged former president sought to ascribe some larger-sounding meaning to what had happened, and tepid takes and uninspired jokes quickly flourished online. White House reporters offered forward-thinking analysis, news organizations rushed up their posts, and critics like the coattail-riding adult son of a ramp-challenged former president sought to ascribe some larger-sounding meaning to what had happened:

I’m not sure there’s ever been a better metaphor for our country’s current predicament than Biden falling off his bike while standing stationary for no apparent reason. pic.twitter.com/4ByBOHJdEa

Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) is a Twitter user. 18th of June, 2022
Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, a Fox News contributor, insisted in a tweet that riding a bike while elderly was no funny matter:

You’re 80 times more likely to die in a bike accident if you’re 80 years old. For safe riding, peripheral vision, cognitive function, judgment, and physical stamina are required. I’m curious as to why his team did not interfere. Hiking, swimming, and rowing are all safer choices. https://t.co/Nej2SLLL6a

— June 18, 2022, Dr. Janette Nesheiwat (@DoctorJanette)
No one, however, appeared to remark how strange the timing was. After all, Biden’s catastrophic tumble came only one day after President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama took their cat, Willow, for a helicopter ride.

Everything You Need to Know About Fuck Joe Biden Sticker

On Friday, Willow appeared to be plotting rather than purring. Mandel Ngan/AFP courtesy of Getty Images
To be fair, there’s no way to know for sure whether Willow (or karma) played a role in Biden’s alleged mishap, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be ruled out. The White House has made it sound as if the gray tabby is fortunate and grateful to receive the perks that come with being First Cat.

However, as most cat owners can attest, there is always a fine line between mutual respect and murderous contempt when it comes to how cats view humans, and it doesn’t take much — a piece of dehydrated chicken offered or withheld, an errant foot hanging off the side of the bed, or, perhaps, a loud and harrowing transit in Marine One — to tip the balance.

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