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Guidelines for Professional Indemnity Insurance for Physiotherapists (6)

Guidelines for Professional Indemnity Insurance for Physiotherapists (6)

In America, all registered physiotherapists must purchase professional indemnity insurance. This rule applies to all categories of registration including general, provisional, specialist, and limited registration. The insurance guidelines have been developed by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia so that all physiotherapists are adequately covered against any claims raised by patients and clients.

Adequate PI Cover

The professional indemnity cover offers protection in three key areas - public liability, product liability, and malpractice liability. A physiotherapist will not be able to afford the legal as well as the compensation costs in case a claim is made against the policy holder. Moreover, some areas of physiotherapy carry a higher risk compared to others. It is the responsibility of the therapist to get adequate cover depending on the level of risks involved. The physiotherapy board does not provide any advice or recommendations regarding this issue. When you renew your registration every year, you should declare that you will not practice without PI insurance. The board also conducts random audits to make sure no one is providing physiotherapy services without proper cover.

Run-off Cover

Unlike other business insurance policies, PI insurance for a physiotherapist is considered as a permanent cover. This is because a claim can arise any time even when a physiotherapist has retired from work. For example, a client may take action against a physiotherapist even 10 or 20 years after the incident. You can either include the extended cover in the PI policy, or you can get it as a separate cover. In some cases, you can also receive it for free.

Flexibility of Cover

Physiotherapists can work in public or private practice. The work can be full time or part time. Professionals working part time will only need a lower premium compared to those working full time. Most insurers provide flexible protection ranging from $5 million to $20 million. If you work as an employee, you will not need an individual cover. You will be covered by the business's PI cover. However, you will need a cover if you want to offer voluntary services for your community or local sports clubs.

Insurance for Students

Like physiotherapists, physiotherapy students will also require adequate cover as they take part in treatment programs and training. Some insurance companies offer free policy. But, it depends on the insurance company you choose. You will get full cover for all treatments based on the national registration standard. The legal costs are also fully covered under professional indemnity insurance for physiotherapy students.

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