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The Business of Claim Management: It Depends on The Insurance! (6)

The Business of Claim Management: It Depends on The Insurance! (6)

The purpose of buying any insurance policy is for securing financial protection against unforeseen circumstances. However, we often hear stories about beneficiaries or nominees not receiving amounts of insurance money owing to technicalities of the insurance policy or other reasons. Claim management companies exist for these kinds of situations. They analyze agreements between the insurance companies and the insured and ensure that the insured is not defrauded and all claims are met. Claim management pertains to any and all kinds of insurance. For example medical insurance is often touted as the toughest when it comes to redeeming a claim. In most cases, technical reasons such as claim limits, conditions pertaining to health issue, etc. prevent the insured from making timely claims on a mediclaim policy or a health insurance plan. Claim management companies help by going through the undertaking and then settling claims on time.

In some cases, claim management companies assign professionals who will ensure that all your claims are processed on time and carried forward. Very often claims are not settled on time because they are not processed on time. This can be a costly affair, especially in case of companies. Corporate insurance is taken by companies for the employees of the company. If anything was to happen to the employees, companies claim insurance will compensate for the loss created by their absence. Hence, it is important that the claims are met on time. It's the same case with travel insurance. This kind of insurance protects people when they are travelling in foreign countries and the expenses they incur over there. These could be medical expenses, travel expenses or expenses related to emergency cases. Irrespective, claim management services can be realised for all these situations.

Last but not least, there is the case of accident insurance. Claims management services related to accident insurance are usually initiated immediately when the insured is brought in for treatment. The claims company is made aware of the situation, before the insured reaches the hospital. The claims representative who is assigned to the case comes to the hospital and tells the concerned people in the hospital to go ahead with the treatment. In some cases, the clam services may even include the payment of medical bills. This kind of service usually depends on the type of insurance, the policy, the amount of claim and the person insured. After all, claim management is a business not a social service, one that seeks to help and get paid in return.

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